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About Us

Overseas Korean Media Association

The Overseas Media Association was established to serve as a center for creating a global Korean community by establishing a communication channel between the home country and 7.5 million Koreans living abroad in 193 countries based on domestic and overseas Korean media (TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, Internet, mobile, etc.). It is an incorporated association with the Ministry of Science and ICT (Central Radio Management Office) as the competent authority. The purpose of this association is to contribute to global competitiveness and the development of the Korean media industry by promoting ‘home country companies’ expansion into the global market’ and ‘overseas Koreans’ stable settlement in their country of residence’ through mutual cooperation.


Ministry in charge

Central Radio Management Office

​No. 2016300014

Establishment background

Overseas Media Associationsilver

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Worldwide45 countries
​About 291Korean mediain union with



new media base,
​Global Koreans Win-win cooperation Established with the goal of supporting

Current status of Korean media  (As of 2019)

World Korean Media_Status.png

Without language and country barriers
with the world
Communication,Cooperation possibleGlobal Korean Network

organization chart 

Association_organization chart.png

Branches by continent

Association Introduction_Branch Status.png

key executives

8_Copy of Lee Woong-gil_edited_edited.jpg

ChairmanWoonggil Lee


(hyeon) Directly under the President, Standing Committee Member of the National Unification Council for Democracy

(jeon) Prime Minister's Office Overseas Korean Policy Committee Member​ 

(Former) Senior Vice President of the Korean American Federation

Eunsuk Choi_1 Copy_edited.jpg

vice-chairmanEunsuk Choi


         (Current) KTN Atlanta CEO

         (current) Joiners Care CEO

Shin Won-jun_edited.jpg

Secretary GeneralWonjun Shin

[Republic of Korea/West]wool]

       (Current) CEO of Jjaeng Communications

       (Before) Working at TBWA/KOREA

Yohan Kim_edited.jpg

Africa Branch ManagerKim Yohan


              (Current) GBS TV CEO

Hyewon Lee_edited.png

Director of International Exchange DivisionHyewon Lee

[New Zealand/Auckland]

           (Current) Happy World TV Manager

           (current) Director of Hanyu Cultural Center


ACPP Reporter Mario Rizaldo


               (Current) Contemporary Art Critic

Song Jeon-heon_Sujeong.jpg

vice-chairmanSong Jeon-hyeon

[Republic of Korea/West]wool]

        (Former) KBS N Vice President

        (jeon) KBS reporter

Eunsuk Choi_1 Copy_edited.jpg

vice-chairmanEunsuk Choi


         (Current) KTN Atlanta CEO

         (current) Joiners Care CEO

Dabi Jang_edited_edited.jpg

South America Branch ManagerJang Dabi

[Brazil/Sao Paulo]

               (Current) Top News CEO

Kim Jong-min_edited.jpg

Asia Branch ManagerKim Jong-min


         (Current) CEO of Korean Citizen Magazine

         (current) Chairman of Korea-Thai Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Jaewoong Choi_edited.jpg

Chairman of the External Cooperation Committee Jaewoong Choi

[Republic of Korea/West]wool]

         (Former) Worked at the National Intelligence Service

         (Before) National Security Strategy Institute


ACPP Reporter Mario Rizaldo


               (Current) Contemporary Art Critic

4_Copy of Kim Un-dae_edited.jpg

vice-chairmanUndae Kim

[New Zealand/Auckland]

          (Current) CEO of Happy World TV

          (jeon) KBS announcer

Kim Dong-seon_edited.jpg

Secretary General Kim Dong-seon

[Republic of Korea/West]wool]

        (Current) CEO of Big Tree Partners

        (jeon) Worked at KBS, Cheil Worldwide

Lee Mi-jin_edited.jpg

Oceania Branch ManagerLee Mi-jin


              (Current) CEO of Top Media

Youngkyo Oh_edited.jpg

European Branch Manager Oh Young-kyo


              (Current) CEO of Korean-French Communications

Park Joo-seong_edited.jpg

South America Branch ManagerPark Joo-seong

[Brazil/Sao Paulo]

               (Current) CEO of Newshook

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