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Greetings from the Chairman of the Overseas Media Association

The Overseas Media Association was established to open a path for coexistence between Koreans in their home countries and overseas by joining forces with domestic and overseas Korean media.

This is Lee Woong-gil, chairman of the Overseas Media Association. In a rapidly changing social environment, the broadcasting environment has also entered a smart era, opening up an era in which viewers can freely enjoy the content they want regardless of where they are in the world, transcending time and space. Accordingly, the broadcasting industry is also reaching out to viewers through multi-channel professional broadcasting in order to adapt to the social environment and is working to create a multi-platform broadcasting environment that combines ICT beyond its own business areas. The development of information and communication and broadcasting technology and the diversification of channels are a great thing for viewers as they have a wider range of choices, but broadcasting-related companies are going through difficult times as they have to compete not only with domestic broadcasters but also with foreign broadcasters. . In order to adapt to this diversifying broadcasting environment, all overseas media companies, including domestic and foreign Korean TV broadcasters, as well as radio, newspaper, and magazine companies, join together to overcome difficult times and compete.In order to strengthen our power, we have launched the Overseas Media Association. We ask for the active participation of Korean media companies overseas so that we can overcome difficult times together through cooperation and harmony rather than competition.

(buy)Overseas Media Association      Chairman  Woong Gil Lee

Current) 2nd and 3rd Chairman of Overseas Media Association

Current) Directly under the President, Democraticstanding committee member

Former) Prime Minister’s Office Overseas Korean Policy Committee Member

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