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Connecting Korea and the world as one

Media Network!

Global Korean

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act as a bridge

Korean peopleIdentity inspiration

100 years of Korean immigration history! 50 years of overseas Korean broadcasting! Overseas Korean Media, which has shared the history of immigration through hardships and hardships with Koreans living abroad,

In the meantime, it has served as a communication channel with the home country as well as a messenger to promote Korean culture to the world.

For future generations to come! Korean media around the world will continue to grow.


Korean Culture

koreaculturespread of

Culture is the face of a nation and the biggest driving force that leads an era. For the first time in world history

‘Korean Wave’ has become a word symbolizing a country’s culture. The Korean Wave has changed world culture in the 21st century.

A world where media changes culture!



Private/Publicinternational exchangeCooperation

The Overseas Media Association utilizes the Korean media network infrastructure spread around the world,

Cooperate with not only private organizations and associations, but also governments, public institutions, and local governments.

We will actively take the lead in international exchange and cooperation by maintaining organic relationships.


WIN-WIN cooperation

motherlandclassKoreans living abroad for coexistence

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